Organizations and Standards

The list of organizations and standards on this site is by no means conclusive but develop over time. The aim is to give the user an overview and a starting point for further research into the area, a service we ourselves found missing when embarking on this project in 2019. This section does not include the formal regulations frameworks or reporting requirements, for that see section on Sustainability Regulators but aim to cover as many as possible of the established and generally accepted initiatives and frameworks supporting a sustainable future for our planet and global society.  

 Inzyon’s view is that there are three key frameworks that any interested individual ought to take as a starting point when embarking on the journey towards sustainability:

Many of the other plentiful as well as predominating concepts and organizations in this particular universe of initiatives tend to cover subsections of one or more of the three above. They do tremendous good in making the goals more concrete and organize people and administration for real action. To see the linkage between each of them and the “umbrella” frameworks, as we see the three above, is of great help when approaching the holistic picture of the international work towards long term sustainability.

Please add to the knowledge base of this service. Are any frameworks or organizations missing? Do you see a factual error anywhere here, please let us know here.