Potential application areas for Insights Management are many and Inzyon continues to develop new sets of algorithms and visuals to support the increasing insights needs of companies, strategists and management.  To date we have three application areas for our Monitors, Trackers and Alerts, three areas we are convinced are at the top of any senior management agenda these days. Read more about them by clicking on the graphics below.

Sustainability – Inzyon Sustainability Applications are a series of frameworks, monitors, trackers and alerts focusing entierly on the financial markets and the industry’s need for real time monitoring of the SDG development in general and ESG/CSR matters in particular.

Brand Action – Are people following the branding strategy? Are they trying to implement it – or is it business as usual? Continuously check your own and your partners’ channels – from advertising to social media to press releases, but also things like product descriptions, web updates, wherever you make an impression. Same with “echoes” from articles, reviews on social media, etc. The Brand Action application supports in meeting this challenge.

Enterprise Intelligence – Strategy, positioning and pricing are only three of many activities that are driven, as well as impacted, by a company’s business environment. Inzyon’s solutions for Enterprise Intelligence Operations provide your complete awareness and analytics environment, supporting these indispensable operations.