Inzyon Subscriptions Overview

Inzyon provides pre-configured, multi-tenant applications for various subject matters. Irrespective of application area, subscriptions are available in three levels: The Monitors, The Trackers and The Alerts. Read more about each of them below.

Inzyon Monitors

Inzyon Monitors is a family of full-scale, pre-configured, Insights Environments. They are customer configurable and at the same time multitenant in their respective subject matter focus.

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Inzyon Trackers

Inzyon Trackers gather, classify, and visualize unstructured content from a large range of public sources, including authorities and NGO’s. These are rapid insights, alerting and analysis environments for individual use and fast content sharing.

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Inzyon Alerts

Inzyon Alerts are e-mail or RSS services by which customers can subscribe to AI and algorithm-based feeds out of any of the Trackers currently in operation without having access to the Tracker tools and interface.

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