Inzyon is an Enterprise Insights Applications provider, continuously evolving a unique SaaS content analysis capability. It provides near-real time, algorithm-based auto-classification for decision support based on business content on listed companies, industries and key application areas (such as sustainability management, ESG & CSR) in Europe and North America.

Inzyon is content neutral. Applications can be applied on company internal content, open sources and professional/commercial providers’ information feeds.

With a fine-tuned granularity of analysis topics and decision mandate structures, Inzyon’s applications enables unprecedented insights and decision support for competitiveness, growth and compliance.

At a glance

With our SaaS, easy to connect, algorithm-based auto classification insights environments, Inzyon will continue to focus on making IT “the minor part” of any customers strive to improve the return on information and knowledge assets in their organizations.

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An outspoken corporate aim to make the world a better place for all is often smiled at as big words with little impact unless you have resources like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation behind you. Still, not even they can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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Corporate Governance

Although not a publicly listed company, in order to uphold expected standards vs customers, suppliers, partners, employees and applicable authorities Inzyon operates an internal program for corporate governance.

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