Sources and alerts enable proactive measures and communications

First and foremost, it is imperative to introduce one of the CSR Monitor’s simplest but maybe most used features, i.e. that of customized alerts.

Getting relevant Alerts is key to your decision processes, whether or not you are actively using CSR signals as part of your operations planning or just need to ensure compliance with eg SFDR* or NFRD* regulations. Any user can, from any dashboard, set personal alerts on given news flows and signals, down to the level of detail of a certain CSR/SDG related factor on selected benchmark companies, industry segments or regulatory news.

CSR managers, Intelligence analysts, Communication officers and Executives alike can all make sure to never miss out on decision critical input for CSR measures and regulations compliance. A broad set of standard suggested alerts are available for all user types, including:

  • New Weekly CSR Reports
  • New Incident Logs
  • New Regulations
  • New Sanctions
  • General News on SDG or other sustainability related developments
  • General News on SFDR and NFRD updates
  • General Governance News

Individual users can add and manage personal Alerts specific for their particular responsibilities and mandates. 

* SFDR – Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

* NFRD – Non-Financial Reporting Directive (Directive 2014/95/EU)