Insights are the single most important aspect of developing, as an individual and as an organization. For enterprises of all sizes, Inzyon provide and configure SaaS environments to unleash and leverage the insights capabilities of your organization.

Inzyon Sustainability Applications

Inzyon Sustainability Applications is a family of purpose-built applications that targets the entire scope of sustainability related industry analytics and decision support. While most applications in this field are purely numerical, Inzyon provides algorithm-based tools for content analysis automation that can be applied on any relevant unstructured data set.


All Inzyon applications can be subscribed to in three different levels; Monitors, Trackers and Alerts. Combinations of subscriptions of different applications are seamless. 

Inzyon Monitors

Inzyon Monitors is a family of full-scale, pre-configured, Insights Environments. They are based on Inzyon’s subject matter algorithm packages while still customer configurable with regards to content and customer specific analytics.

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Inzyon Trackers

Inzyon Trackers gather, classify, and visualize unstructured content from a large range of public sources, including authorities and NGO’s. These are rapid insights, alerting and analysis environments for individual use and fast content sharing.

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Inzyon Alerts

Inzyon Alerts are e-mail or RSS services by which customers can subscribe to AI and algorithm-based feeds out of any of the Trackers currently in operation without having access to the Tracker tools and interface.

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Content Connect

Connect your Inzyon applications to any content. Each application of course includes wide ranging open-source collections of relevant content but your true insights value, and competitive advantage, comes with adding your commercial and internal content to the same automated and algorithm-based environments, enabling near real-time visualization and decision support. By applying Inzyon’s applications to your already procured, or planned to be procured, content, you magnify the business value of your content assets by significantly improving their usability and actionability. 

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