Insights are the single most important aspect of developing, as an individual and as an organization. For enterprises of all sizes, Inzyon help develop, implement and configure tools and working models to unleash and leverage the insights capabilities of your organization.

Inzyon is a solutions and services company dedicated to supporting customers in developing and improving capabilities to identify, embrace and make use of insights, throughout their operations. Services include modelling of Information Management business value, information environment assessments and Insight Solutions deployment. Inzyon’s aim is to enable faster and more qualitative insights for all kinds of decisions and developments. The company’s key deliveries are implemented Insights Environments and working models based on modern theories for information asset valuations in combination with a selection of off-the-shelf SW application.

Our story…

N E W S  &  I N S I G H T S

Press Release 200115 – Inzyon launches on-line monitor for Asset Management ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) compliance

Inzyon launches on-line ESG monitor to support Fund- and Asset Management organizations compliance with forthcoming EU ESG recommendations and regulations. 

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Webinar 200225 –
SCIP webinar on implementing M&CI operations

On February 25th, 2020, Inzyon CEO Gabriel Anderbjörk co-present the SCIP webinar “From Seeds to Fruits – The 6 Growth Phases of an Intelligence Management Solution”.

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Press Release 200110 – Consultics and Inzyon announces distribution partnership

Consultics Ltd and Inzyon AB today announce that they have entered into a business partnership for the distribution of Inzyon’s Enterprise Insight Solutions.

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News 190912 – Jinfo Interview on Inzyon development

Analyst firm Jinfo highlights the founding of Inzyon published in an interview with CEO Gabriel Anderbjörk.

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”Every company senior management realize that immense economic values are hidden in their proprietary, as well as non-proprietary, information assets. The reason these values tend to remain non-realized on their “balance sheets” is a historically legitimate fear of the costs that would be associated with any attempt to address the matter. However, with today’s solutions and applications, that is no longer the case. “Just do it!” is nowadays a very appropriate quotation.  The technology is here, it is mature off the shelf and all that is needed is to adapt applicable parts of traditional work processes accordingly. The bottom line is; it is not that complicated anymore. ”

Gabriel Anderbjörk,
Founder and CEO


Solution areas


The number of solution areas for Insights management are of course technically “endless” and even though Inzyon is well equipped to engage in, and advice on, a wide range of Insights related programs, our focus has gradually narrowed down to four key areas within which the amount of financial gains to be uncovered seem most significant. They share a number of organizational aspects that contribute to the wide gap between current state and potential gain such as disparity of available information, high dependency on individual key experts and a tendency of un-coordinated working processes.

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Independent of Solution Area, Inzyon applies a common and straight forward delivery model that is similar in all customer projects. It starts with an Information Modelling phase, followed by system set-up and training. Should it be that the customer lack internal resources for the day to day operation of the solution, Inzyon offers different levels of outsourced systems management.

About services…


Inzyon work with a selected and proven set of software packages in order to design and provide you with your insight solutions IT environment. Depending on your specific needs, different packages and combination may be used but we always take Intelligence2day® as the starting point due to its core functionality that supports the insights management to its full extent. Should it be that you have e.g. MS SharePoint as your default user interface it can still be catered for by the use of web parts and other integration solutions. All software packages used are fully cloud based and off the shelf standard.

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