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by | Oct 5, 2020

Press Release, October 5, 2020:

Inzyon incorporates world leading company filings data in its ESG monitor company filings dashboard. The integration enables users to rapidly visualise and analyse the formal filings and communication from 65.000+ listed companies worldwide, be it portfolio, or other investment universe, companies in both time-filtered and ESG-filtered graphs and channels.

The INZYON ESG monitor aims to put fund managers, ESG researchers and analysts ahead of the curve when addressing sustainable finance in general, and ESG risks and opportunities of a portfolio in particular. The application also supports compliance with PRI and other sets of ESG market requirements.

“We are very happy to be able to offer our customers such a comprehensive set of company filings data.” says Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO of Inzyon. “In analysing and understanding the sustainability position of any company, it is critical to monitor both communications about the company and by the company itself. The formal filings information is an imperative part of the latter.”

Read more about the ESG monitor here  and about the company filings dashboard in particular here

Supporting sustainability dialogues

Inzyon ESG Monitor aims at supporting, and increasing, the dialogue between the investment community and the management of investment objects, i.e. listed companies, with regards to sustainable investments. It is a tool for the financial market with a vison to contribute to a gradually increased fulfilment of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

ESG monitor customers

Inzyon’s ESG monitor is directly targeted at Asset Management organizations and other financial institutions that will be subject to forthcoming regulations on compliance regarding sustainable investments. Contrary to solutions that provide users with pre-calculated ratings on portfolios or specific holdings, Inzyon’s ESG monitor supports the Fund Manager, and/or the ESG researcher to develop their own assessment model. Based on near real time news, narrative data and other unstructured information, Inzyon’s ESG monitor enables competitive advantages vs other Asset Management companies as insights on holdings’ ESG plans and performance can be spotted at the earliest possible occasion.

Technical aspects

Inzyon ESG Monitor is a for purpose configured, automated, SaaS-application for monitoring, analysing and acting upon ESG related matters in an Asset Management organization’s investment universe. Although customers’ off the shelf starting configuration only differs with regards to their own investment universe, each customer can then configure algorithms and sources to increase their own competitive advantage in the ESG analysis.

The ESG monitor uses applicable parts of Inzyon’s Sustainability Classification Framework

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Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO, Inzyon

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