Applications Functionality Overview

Inzyon application environment is an on-line SaaS solution with standard content, components and preset configurations. Each customer can refine and configure their own application further as a tool to achieve a competitive edge in their management of the applications related activities.

The monitors supports strategists and managers in analyzing and acting upon applications related matters in their organization’s industry segments and provides tools and framework for intra segment benchmarking. It is a tool supporting rapid progress towards necessary sustainability measures compliance.

Inzyon monitors are unique with thier structure of algorithms and visuals in combination with its focus on narratives and real time unstructured information that makes it a one-of-its-kind strategy tool in a world consisting of mostly reporting and numbers-based tools.

Inzyon monitors:

  • Automates the retrieval, analysis and classification of vast amounts of unstructured application data, visualizing the results in different use case defined dashboards.
  • Supports near real-time alerting of critical news and events
  • Supports logging and statistics of company internal engagement activities. Such logs can, when applicable, be used for compliance reporting and/or incident reporting.
  • Enables creation of on-the-fly news, reporting and outgoing RSS feeds that can be connected to internal site webparts.
  • Include tools for a full-fledged “intra social network” of appplication subject matter experts.