Enterprise Intelligence

Strategy, positioning and pricing are only three of many activities that are driven, as well as impacted, by a company’s business environment. Inzyon’s solutions for Enterprise Intelligence Operations provide your complete awareness and analytics environment, supporting these indispensable operations.

All companies interact with their markets in one way or the other. However, to ensure that your market positioning, or in other words your competitiveness, is optimal vs your business environment at all given times is probably one of the most advanced information processing and analytics operation any corporation can embark on. The problem is…. One must, and most do. The question is thus not if, but how and to what extent companies realize the importance as well profitability of having a capable intelligence operation in place.

The enterprise intelligence arena is full of different labels such as market intelligence, competitive intelligence, technology intelligence etc but the bottom line is all about making sure the company has an information and analytics processing capability implemented in order for all decision makers to ensure that the everyday business constantly can be tuned vis-à-vis the changing business environment. Vast amounts of external and internal information must be filtered, digested and understood in order for decisions to be optimally adapted to the current situation.

Modern and capable insight engines are the answer to the question. To ensure that all market/product related decision makers throughout the organization (and that is typically many thousands in large organizations) have access to a rapid, user friendly, information environment from which relevant and timely insights can be drawn will prove invaluable for executive management’s strive for optimal competitiveness.