Corporate Governance

Although not a publicly listed company, in order to uphold expected standards vs customers, suppliers, partners, employees and applicable authorities Inzyon operates an internal program for corporate governance.

Inzyon AB is a Swedish privately held company and does therefore not file any public records other than those required to be registered with Bolagsverket (the Swedish Companies Registration Office), i.e. the annual accounts.

However, in order to uphold expected standards vs customers, suppliers, partners, employees and applicable authorities with regards to factors such as CSR, quality, risk management, security and personnel management, the company operates an internal program for corporate governance. Its content is summarized below. For questions please see the contact page.


Corporate Governance Directive and reporting

On an annual basis, in preparation for each new calendar year, the company Corporate Governance Directive is updated. It covers the company’s committed handling of policies, advisory management internal audits, continuous risk assessments and improvement, incident follow up, policy compliance as well as compliance with the Corporate Governance Directive itself. It also outlines internal principles for Financial administration, forecasting, planning, accounting, and reporting as well as management of agreements, commitments and documentation with regards to all applicable counterparts.

As the company is not required to file a formal Corporate Governance Report, a status report covering the Governance Directive topics and other matters of financial and legal importance is compiled annually, for internal use only, in conjunction with the filing of the statutory public annual accounts.



One requirement stipulated in the company’s Corporate Governance Directive is that three policies shall be documented and upheld by all employees, partners and subcontractors. The policies are reviewed annually in conjunction with the review of the Corporate Governance Directive. These are outlined in separate policy documents and briefly introduced below.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Topics covered in our CSR policy and that we commit to adhere to are legislation, anti-corruption, health and safety, remuneration, working hours, freedom of association, labor relations, forced labor, discrimination, child labor and environment. Our aim is to contribute to the extent of our ability to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the SDG’s) and of course adhere to for us applicable parts of the UN ILO conventions.


Employee code of conduct

Other than potential products and Intellectual Property, a company is its employees and other representatives. Business is made by people. Therefore, Inzyon puts lots of emphasis on how we present ourselves and how we interact with all around us. Our policy on Employee code of conduct include our views on, and commitments to, CSR, Integrity and professionalism, non-conflict of interest, confidentiality, on-premise behavior, regulations adherence, protection of property, personal appearance and substance abuse.

IT, security and personal data

The security of our own personnel, customer IP and property as well as that of all we interact with is paramount to our operations. Our policy for this purpose covers office physical security, routines for change of employment status, personnel security, office hardware and software, information management and security, encryption, processing of personal data and confidentiality.