Reporting and Compliance

All of the content and activities in the CSR monitor should be easily accessible for the daily operations and possibly also for selected third parties. For those with access to the system itself, all is continuously updated on the different dashboards but for management convenience there are also ample system support for rapid compilations of standard reports of various kinds.

In the standards setting of the CSR monitor, several reports are pre-configured for ease of use, such as:

  • Activity Weekly
  • Incidents Weekly
  • CSR Weekly
  • CSR  Company benchmark

All of these reports can be scheduled for the relevant channels and consumers.

Furthermore, the monitor can be equipped with standard forms support for reporting according a range of regulatory as well as more analytical frameworks such as:

  • Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) factors of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators
  • Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) factors of the EU taxonomy.

Whether your company uses these or other reporting standards, most major standards are available for the CSR monitor. See Inzyon Sustainability Classification Framework . Contact Inzyon for further information.

Activity Weekly

The Activity Weekly report is an overview report on the past week’s frequency and focus on CSR related activities/engagements in the company. The purpose is for management to follow the CSR development and ongoing compliance focus throughout the organization. For more detailed analysis, further information is always updated on the Management Summary dashboard.

Incidents Weekly

The Incidents Weekly report is an overview report on current open incidents logs. The purpose is to purvey a rapid insight into potential CSR related threats that ought to be addressed in the immediate future.

CSR Weekly

The CSR Weekly report is the CSR managers’/analysts’ general overview report on CSR related matters the past week. It begins with links to, and general comments about, the Incidents Weekly and Activity Weekly reports. It presents any new CSR Company Benchmarks (see below) that has been added the past week and concludes with a section labelled CSR highlights and recommended readings covering key general news from, or about, the organizations CSR focus areas and/or regulators/legislators.

For company management, constantly on the run and lacking time, this is an “all you need report” to keep on top of the organization’s CSR work and compliance.

CSR Company benchmark reports

The CSR Company benchmark report is a report that collects the most recent and up to date components of the Company Benchmark dashboard for one specific company. The use of this report is typically intended for benchmark analysts wishing to assess particular companies’ CSR position more in depth, possibly as part of a partnership, vendor or merger assessment. Provided that the profiling is already in place, the work to publish the report itself is a matter of minutes for the CSR manager/analyst.