Inzyon Sustainability Classification Framework

It is a simple fact that all is not well on our planet. Poverty, gender inequality and climate issues are but three examples of the 17 areas defined by the UN as the Sustainable Development Goals, the SDG’s. Although the SDG’s can be claimed to have grown into the “mother framework” of sustainability measures, it is far from the only one.  

Great organizations, authorities and NGO’s are all contributing to models and frameworks for making earth a better place to live. However, for industries, and the financial markets, to understand, and comply with, the myriads of standards can be overwhelming. Inzyon is not presenting yet another framework, we are building and maintaining a data model interrelating the other frameworks into one multi-faceted framework applicable to any major set of unstructured data. Read more on this site about how Inzyon’s Sustainability Classification Framework can become your knowledge guide, as well as basis for compliance tools, in this essential strive for a better world.

Since 2019 Inzyon has been developing, maintaining, and further nurturing, a data model capturing the SDG’s and related frameworks and their reporting standards, the “Inzyon Sustainability Classification Framework” or Inzyon SCF for short.  The SCF data model enables algorithm based classification of unstructured content such as narratives, corporate reporting, regulations communications, news flows, analytics and all other thinkable e-content in order to rapidly visualize, monitor and analyze any dataset, however large, in the perspective of the available sustainability frameworks and standards. The SCF data model operates as the core of Inzyon’s different Sustainability related applications but can also be licensed for other applications as well.

Standards and frameworks are continuously added to the SCF but all those listed under Current Organizations and Standards and Sustainability Regulators are, when applicable for information classification, included.