Background to the SCF

Climate Action, No Poverty and Gender Equality are three examples of campaign labels that are constantly being discussed in societies all over the world today. Surprisingly few seem to know that most of these labels are components of a visionary framework agreed upon by world leaders under the management of the United Nations in 2015, the 17 Sustainable Goals (the SDGs). 


Fewer still tend to be aware that more and more regulations and legislations that require compliance with many of these SGD’s are unearthing in different forms. A key example is that of the European Union requiring fund management companies to comply with certain reporting regulations covering impact investment, starting already 2021.

In the world of financial asset management these particular regulations have collectively been grouped under the label ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) but how does ESG relate to the SDG’s and what reporting standards are there to comply with for the different regulations in relation to the different SDG’s? Where do other standards, such as those of the ILO (International Labor Organization), come into play?

It is fair to say that the world of SDG compliance, as well as any structured ambitions to contribute to the fulfillment of the SDG’s, is currently confusing. Representatives for many of the world’s largest actors in the fields of asset management, auditing, professional content and media all seem to agree that this entire area is still in its early infancy. However, they also seem to agree that it will very rapidly mount to a key matter for all facets of business and society development in the immediate years to come.

During the ongoing research underpinning the development of Inzyon’s SCF data model, it has appeared quite clear that theories, as well as practical experiences, supporting the work and engagement in sustainability is, modestly put, hard to penetrate. In a more brute language one could put it down as a nightmare for any everyday-interested individual with an urge to get involved. This counts for potential volunteers as well as senior CSR officers of major corporate organizations.

Although the SCF data model is a proprietary commercial product, the insights about the international sustainability works and organizations are not, and at Inzyon we have the fulfillment of the SDG’s as a key part of our CSR visions. Hence, this web site is not only a presentation site for the SCF, it is even more an attempt to contribute to a comprehendible overview of today’s world of sustainability standards and approaches. Our ambition is that it can serve as a starting point for any individual with an interest in international sustainability standards.

There is however no claim, whatsoever, that the content of this site in any way is conclusive or 100% accurate as the world of standards is a continuously moving target. Still, it is very much our ambition for this site to grow into a conclusive and trustworthy source in this filed. We therefor urge any visitor to let us know about any generally accepted standards framework or organization that we may have missed out completely, or if any misrepresentations or errors are found on this site. 

Thanks for your interest in the fulfillment if the SDG’’s and Inzyon SCF