Sustainability Regulators

Even though the number of regulators and legislators are less than the number of organizations and initiatives covered under Current Organizations and Standards, they are still plentiful. For this site we have however decided to limit the scope to global international and regional actors. To cover national regulators and legislators globally has simply, for the time being, been deemed overwhelming for Inzyon as a company. That said, the exemption will be major national bodies that, despite being “national”, still have a de facto and profound international impact such as the US federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and alike.  

Our definition of regulators and legislators in this filed are those actors and bodies with the power to not only depict expected behavior and/or reporting from governments, organizations (of all kinds) and individuals, but that also have the direct or indirect power to implement sanctions or other consequences for those who do not comply. As with the Current Organizations and Standards, this list of regulators and legislators is not conclusive but develop over time.