The standard content of any Inzyon insights solution is a selected set of qualitative open sources that are all fed into the system and categorized according to the customer configured classification system. This standard set contains content from major news wires, some open source social media and select web site coverage of regulators and other official and/or non-governmental bodies.  

 Needless to say, adding paid for content from major commercial content providers improves the precision in analysis and forecasting and help reducing the risk for “fake news” and disinformation that is an inevitable challenge with open sources, even if quality assured, and filtered accordingly, by Inzyon and our partners.    

 Inzyon can support in the selection and procurement of commercial content but, more importantly, any API-integration or other delivery format protocols (as long as they are industry standards) can be catered for should it be that the customer already has, or decide to take up, a subscription for such content by such providers.

 Inzyon already has set communications and/or connectors to the majority of the major content brands and in case a customer suggest a commercial source not yet on Inzyon’s standard list, we are more than happy to initiate a dialogue and add that content to the customer’s insight solution.