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by | Aug 18, 2020

Press Release, August 18, 2020:

Inzyon launches its Sustainability Classification Framework (Inzyon SCF) for the monitoring and analysis of sustainability related unstructured data sets, open source as well as from commercial sources or organization internal data.


Classifying Information for a better world
The INZYON SCF is a managed collection of data analysis algorithms that can be deployed on any unstructured data set depicted by user organisations. The SCF is fundamentally based on the UN Sustainability Development Goas ( the 17 SDG’s), the ILO conventions, and the UN charter of Human Rights but it also includes the dimensions of a number of other generally adopted frameworks for sustainability analysis and reporting, and it is growing.

“During our projects with sustainability related reporting and analysis this past year it has become clear to us that there is an urgent need for some structuring of the unstructured in this field” says Inzyon CEO Gabriel Anderbjörk. “The financial markets need to comply with the ESG regulation while industry and services companies need to meet similar requirements by further development of their CSR strategies. The challenge that seemingly is facing all is the sheer number of reporting and analysis frameworks to relate to.”

The INZYON SCF does not introduce new, or add further complexity to current, sustainability frameworks. On the contrary, the core benefit of the SCF is that user organisations can automate classification of both legacy data sets and current near real-time data streams in order to plan, analyse, match or benchmark their own sustainability strategies and activities vs any existing framework of their own choice, depending on industry sector or specific CSR targets.

Gabriel Anderbjörk continues “In the process of developing INZYON SCF we realized that while there are of course a significant number of real experts out there, with substantial and detailed knowledge of the sustainability arena, for the vast majority of all engaged the concept of sustainability frameworks and development is still either reduced to a tiny subsection of the total picture or a grey incomprehensible mass of regulators, bodies and authorities whose communications are well beyond the grasp of most of us. We know, we were there a year ago. In doing the research for the INZYON SCF we have by no means built up an expertise such as those referred to above but the sheer structure of the sustainability arena can help a long way in coming to grips with what is likely to be the most important knowledge of all today for our shared future. For that purpose, we will continuously share our insights on our dedicated SCF website for the benefit of anyone interested in a general view of sustainability frameworks and regulators. It will be one of our key focuses over the coming years to fulfil our SCF tagline – Classifying Information for a better world.”

Users of the SCF
Inzyon’s SFC is applicable to any organisation, commercial, governmental, standardizing, or not-for-profit, that can benefit from a better understanding of the world of sustainability in general but also, more importantly, the own organisation’s position and engagement in the ongoing global sustainability work. It can be deployed as a one-time analysis or as an ongoing monitoring and strategy tool.

Technical aspects
The SCF classification algorithms are currently hosted on Inzyon’s different monitoring solutions and data sets can be analysed and visualized through those services. The SCF can however be licensed separately as well but in such case the user organisation must be hosting internal software that can cater for the processing of the framework.

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