Inzyon ESG Monitor

Inzyon ESG Monitor is a for purpose configured, automated, SaaS-applica­tion for monitoring, analyzing and acting upon ESG related matters in an asset management organization’s investment universe.

The application is built on the awarded Intelligence2day® Insight Engine platform. Although customers’ off the shelf starting configuration only differs with regards to their own invest­ment universe, each customer can then configure algorithms and sources to increase their own competitive advantage in the ESG analysis.

Inzyon’s ESG monitor is directly targeted to all Asset Management organizations that will be subject to the forthcoming EU regulations on compliance with sustainable investments. Contrary to solutions that provide users with pre calculated ratings on portfolios or specific holdings, Inzyon’s ESG monitor supports the asset manager, and/or the ESG researcher, to develop their own assessment model, thereby enabling competitive advantages vs other as­set management companies as insights on holdings’ ESG performance can be spotted ”ahead of the pack”.


Setting up your ESG monitor

Your Inzyon ESG Monitor will be available within a few days after your order is placed. The starting configuration consist of five dashboards with different use-case purposes. Those are:

Asset overview

ESG overview

ESG visual details

ESG Interaction

Regulations monitor


Each dashboard is further described below.

The starting configuration also includes a preset and automated taxonomy for both ESG evalua­tion factors and Regulatory alerts. All that need to be added is a taxonomy branch covering the assets of your investment universe.

Evolving from the standard configured ESG Monitor

Content: The monitor is preset with a selection of regulatory, commercial and non-commercial content. This can however rapidly be complemented by sources of your own choice such as other commercial providers or in-house data feeds. Most likely your organization already has number of premium content providers contracted and for which you are paying substantial amounts of money. In most cases these content sources can be added to the monitor with no or limited additional costs.

Taxonomy: The taxonomy is your organization’s own lens in portraying the content in a way that matches your strategy and investment criteria. Soon after set-up it might therefore be time to gradually review the taxonomy in order to evolve it into your own and thereby enable the advantage vs your competitors.

Dashboards: Even the dashboards can be altered to fit other perspectives than those pre-set in the standard configuration. Also, completely new dashboards can be added to the above.

All in all, the content, taxonomy and dashboard structures are all configurable by you. Start with the standard ESG monitor and gradually, at your own pace, let it develop into your very own tool for ESG compliant investments.

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