Management Overview

The CSR Management Summary dashboard is intended for company management in general and CSR compliance and communications management in particular.

In addition to being an up-to-date overview of the organization’s CSR activities insights it should also meet two particular key requirements.

Firstly, to enable the CSR/compliance manager to, at any time, answer the following two questions from any party, be it media, a regulatory/legal body or an investor:

  • “What does your organization know about this CSR matter?” and
  • “What actions have you taken with regards to this CSR matter?”

Secondly, to serve as the management team’s monitor regarding ongoing compliance matters and, as such, input to internal tactics, follow up and contingency planning with regard to CSR compliance, planning and communications.

The dashboard is a compilation of signals graphs and channels for rapid overview serving the purposes outlined above. It includes:

  • Open CSR incident logs
  • Signal cloud for incident logs
  • Signal cloud for CSR activity logs
  • Weekly statistics over CSR activity logs
  • Channels with all logs and weekly reports