Company Filings

A standard, yet subscription add-on, dashboard is that of Company Filings. It visualizes the content of annual reports, interim reports, sustainability reports, call for meetings and any further market transaction documents formally required to be made public by the companies.

Each customer may upload any relevant information they have access to for the purpose of populating this dashboard but Inzyon’s pre-configured commercial content is provided by Acuris Perfect Information, the leading provider of global company filings data covering more than 65.000 companies from stock exchanges world-wide.

With a subscription to Perfect Information’s content added to your monitor subscription, this dashboard will contain all filings of all companies in your investment universe. It is presented near real time of publication, in a structured visual form, auto categorized based on its source formats as well as the subcomponents of any sustainability framework of choice. Furthermore, with this dashboard subscribed to, any user can set alerts on such filings to ensure that no general meeting is missed, any important details of a sustainability report are reacted upon and/or a follow-up with a portfolio company’s managed can be initiated.

For the purpose of fulfilling PRI and other frameworks’ requirements on engagement with portfolio holdings, this dashboard, with the PI content, is all you need to ensure that every CSR manager is instantly up to date with the sustainability communication from each and every competitor, customer, supplier or other company of interest for benchmarking or business relations.

For further information on Perfect Information Filings Expert content, read here