Depending on the scope and complexity of the solution delivered, Inzyon provides customized training programs on all system usage levels as well as developed work-flow deployments. Training can be provided as e-leaning modules, on site train-the-trainer workshops or anything in between.

Parallel to the Set-up phase, a training program often commence. It is entirely customized and specified together with the customer’s project team. The primary model is a “train the trainer program” with the goal to enable the customer’s own staff to undertake the internal training. This model is to prefer as in-house staff, much better than any consultants, can present the new environment in the context of the own company’s needs and processes. If, for any reason, this is not feasible, Inzyon can be engaged to maintain a long-term training capability for your particular organization in order to make sure it is continuously up to date.

All training can be delivered as on-site training, webinars and customized e-learning solutions.

Information modelling

What information, and what information categories, impact critical and/or necessary decisions? This is the fundamental question to be answered in Inzyon’s information modelling service. The outcome is also an indispensable insight for any organization that intend to improve its general insights capability.



Solutions and system set-up

Based on the outcome of the Information Modelling, an online solution environment is configured and launched in the customer organization. Use cases can be segmented by operation areas, functionality, mandate, or other dimensions, applicable to the targeted organizational gain.  

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Configuration Maintenance

Information, or insights management, environments need constantly to be nurtured in a variety of ways. For all solutions delivered by Inzyon, an ongoing service labeled configurations maintenance is thus provided from start.

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