Project life cycle management

To run and deliver projects is in many organizations the most experience building activity of all.  Inzyon’s Project Life Cycle Management solutions help institutionalize such experiences for longer term quality and efficiency gains.

The amount of corporate knowledge that is embedded in current and historic project document repositories, as well as structured project data, is simply immense. When starting a new project, or progressing a project through its different phases, no matter the size or area, questions asked, but rarely fully answered, are many and among others like the following:

  • Who of our colleagues knows something about this?
  • Have we done something similar before?
  • Is anyone by any chance doing something similar right now?
  • Are there any assessments of profitability issues made?
  • Any new external research available?
  • How to best approach the project task?

 If all information and experiences that has a bearing on the organization’s project activities, combined with open market research and/or specialist advice, was to be synthesized into one working environment, the level of insights that can be extracted will increase significantly and consequently improve quality, efficiency as well as profitability in any project undertaken. For corporations putting an insight engine at the heart of its project life cycle management the benefits will soon be apparent.

Fund services and asset management

Asset management is a tremendously information intensive operation with high focus on immediate, and real time, information. Inzyon’s Asset Management solutions complement your trading terminal screens with longer term visualizations and analytics for improved asset value predictability.

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Law firm efficiency

In any legal practice area, exactness, correctness and reusability are all factors that have significant impact on case gross margins. Based on your practice areas, geographical and/or industry focus, Inzyon’s Law Firm efficiency solutions support and enhance your teams’ productivity.

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Enterprise intelligence operations

Strategy, positioning and pricing are only three of many activities that are driven, as well as impacted, by a company’s business environment. Inzyon’s solutions for Enterprise Intelligence Operations provide your complete awareness and analytics environment, supporting these indispensable operations.

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For purpose built solutions

In addition to our general Solution Area services Inzyon develops pre-set, for purpose configured, solutions. These are ready to go environments that need much less, or no, customer specific configurations than our more general deliveries tend to comprise. Currently the only commercially launched solution is our ESG monitorbut more are to follow during 2020

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