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by | Jan 10, 2020

Press Release, 10 January, 2020: Consultics Ltd and Inzyon AB today announce that they have entered into a business partnership for the distribution of Inzyon’s Enterprise Insight Solutions.

Insights Management is a fast-growing segment with application areas in most industries and the two companies see significant value in combining their concepts and market reach.                             

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Inzyon to the partnership portfolio of Consultics. At Consultics we constantly look to improve our partnerships by adding more dynamic tools and technologies for Insights Management systems, analysis and reporting mechanisms. These need to be responsive, flexible and often customised solutions. With the experience of Gabriel Anderbjörk and the thought process of Inzyon, we believe that we can facilitate further, and more advanced, client needs within the realms of Inzyon’s solutions. “This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insights and contribute to more informed decisions” says Stefanos Nicolaou, CEO of Consultics.   

“We are very enthusiastic about this business partnership with Consultics. The combined strengths of Inzyon’s packaged service and application concepts and the resources and geographic market reach of Consultics will widen the scope and market for both companies. Furthermore, Consultics’ ability to be a business enabling platform across the globe, combining business needs with business solutions and, more importantly, to diversify companies into the Middle East is a niche expertise with valued results. We are much looking forward to a growing joint business and the creation of significant customer values” says Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO of Inzyon.   


For questions, please contact:

Stefanos Nicolaou, CEO, Consultics

Gabriel Anderbjörk, CEO, Inzyon


Stefanos Nicolaou, CEO Consultics

About Consultics

Consultics ( is present on two continents, Europe and Middle East providing a wide range of services to companies from any background. It satisfies customers’ needs and objectives while targeting their vision through achievable goals.

Through constant development, innovation and utilization of technologies, Consultics has become a leader in the market and by being a Subject Matter Expert guides businesses to Grow, maximize their Revenue through strategic opportunities, build a sustainable business through their Transformation, Diversifying them into the Middle East and support them build an engaging brand in the market through bespoke Marketing & Branding solutions and always with direction to tackle ‘What Matters Most’ to the client.

About Inzyon

Inzyon ( is a management consulting company dedicated to supporting customers in developing and improving capabilities to identify, embrace and make use of insights, throughout their operations. Services include modelling of Information Management business value, information environment assessments and Insight Solutions deployment. Inzyon’s aim is to enable faster and more qualitative insights for all kinds of decisions and developments. The company’s key deliveries are implemented insights environments and working models based on modern theories for information asset valuation in combination with a selection of off-the-shelf software application.