Evolving from the standard configured CSR Monitor 

Inzyon CSR monitor is a for purpose configured solution based on a very versatile and advanced platform. The development options are, if not endless, significant. Among the many configuration possibilities, there are three in particular that tend to be the starting point for evolving from the standard set-up:

Dashboards: The standard dashboards can be altered to fit other purposes than those pre-set in the standard configuration. Also, completely new dashboards can be added to meet entirely different needs than those of the standard monitor. A dashboard can consist of different combinations of information channels, visualizations, search and filtering, analytics and much more. Dashboard can also have different restricted access rights for different user groups in the solution.

Content: The monitor is preset with a selection of regulatory as well as non-commercial content. This can however rapidly be complemented by sources of your own choice such as other commercial providers or in-house data feeds. Most likely your organization already has number of premium content providers contracted and for which you are paying substantial amounts of money. In most cases these content sources can be added to the monitor with no or limited additional costs.

Taxonomy: The taxonomy is your organization’s own lens in portraying the content in a way that matches your strategy and CSR criteria. Soon after set-up it might therefore be time to gradually review the taxonomy in order to evolve it into your own and thereby enable the advantage vs your competitors.

All in all, the content, taxonomy and dashboard structures are all configurable. Other functions possible to configure are such as subject matter expert registers, social and “follow” functions, project data logging and lessons learnt structures. Start with the standard CSR monitor and gradually, at your own pace, let us develop your monitor into your very own tool for a competitive CSR strategy.