Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

An outspoken corporate aim to make the world a better place for all is often smiled at as big words with little impact unless you have resources like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation behind you. Still, not even they can do everything, but everyone can do something!

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! This is a saying Inzyon has, and will keep, at its heart. We believe that engaging in volunteer projects, as well supporting NGOs and organizations present where active help is needed, contributes not only to those supported but also to our own company culture. Caring for something for the sole reason of helping others, as well as our living habitat in general, widens perspectives and develop us all as individuals. We are convinced that such effects contribute to better company spirit, creativity and customer relations as well as efficiency in several different ways.


We are a young company, so the development of our CSR program is still in progress. However, the two key building blocks are:

  • All employees are encouraged to use some of their work time for active engagement in aid volunteer activities of their own choice and in ways suitable for all involved.
  • All employees are asked to name one or two aid organizations to which they would like to contribute monetary support and Inzyon will, on a monthly basis, provide such contributions with amounts in a company set percentage relation to the employee’s annual salary.


Below you will soon start seeing organizations to whom we provide monthly contributions. We, ourselves, hope to see this page on this site grow in high pace over the years to come.  

Our story

Inzyon commenced its operations in 2019 with the key intent to develop and leverage organizations capabilities to embrace organizational insights for better productivity and profitability.

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CEO comments

Gabriel Anderbjork founded Inzyon based on a convincement that there are immense economic values still not uncovered in most organizations’ information assets.

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Our partners

Inzyon partner with a select group of companies in order to secure distribution, capacity as well as capability for the most efficient and qualitative deliveries possible.

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Corporate Governance

Although not a publicly listed company, in order to uphold expected standards vs customers, suppliers, partners, employees and applicable authorities Inzyon operates an internal program for corporate governance.

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