Inzyon Sustainability Applications

Inzyon Sustainability Applications are a series of frameworks, monitors, trackers and alerts focusing entierly on the financial markets and the industry’s need for real time monitoring of the SDG development in general and ESG/CSR matters in particular.

The sustainability applicatins are based omn a major information model labelled Inzyon Sustainability Classification Framework (SCF) and that incorporate all major reposrting and analyics structures currently used on the market. Contact us for a mote thorogh ddemo and dialogue on Inzyon Sustainability Applications.

Inzyon Sustainability Classification Framework (SCF)

Classifying Information for a better World

Acquaint yourself with what is probably the most comprehensive framework currently available for information automation based on the SDG’s, ESG, ILO, UDHR and many more models for sustainable industry and investments. The SCF enables algorithm-based classification of unstructured content such as narratives, corporate reporting, regulations communications, news flows and analytics in order to rapidly visualize, monitor and analyze any dataset, however large, in the perspective of the available sustainability frameworks and standards.

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Inzyon CSR Monitor

Embrace the UN SDG’s throughout your organization and build your sustainability regulatory compliance at the same time.

Inzyon’s CSR monitor is designed to support all listed, and privately held, companies that are funded by the financial markets and, as such, subject to rapidly growing requirements on both sustainability compliance and reporting. It supports CSR strategists and managers in analyzing and acting upon CSR/sustainability related matters, including tools and frameworks for benchmarking. Inzyon CSR monitor enables entire organizations to make their CSR programs true value drivers in all dimensions of their operations.

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Inzyon ESG Monitor

Classify, analyze and act upon ESG insights in your investment universe

Inzyon’s ESG monitor is directly targeted at Fund and Asset Management organizations that are subject to current and forthcoming regulations on compliance with sustainable investments. It is a for purpose configured, automated, SaaS-applica¬tion for monitoring, analyzing and acting upon ESG related matters in any given investment universe. It consists of standard content, components and preset configurations that makes it easy to use and fast to adopt.

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Inzyon Sustainability Regulations and News Tracker

Inzyon’s Sustainability Regulations and News Tracker is a natural starting-point for organizations dedicated to a sustainable business approach. It supports the organization and management in understanding and tracking CSR related matters.

Inzyon Sustainability Regulations and News Alerts

Inzyon’s Sustainability Regulations and News Alerts is a separate e-mail alerts service based on the Sustainability Tracker, but with no access to the on-line service. The alerts service is a natural first step to become acquainted with the solution.