Our story 

Inzyon commenced its operations in 2019 with the key intent to develop and leverage organizations capabilities to embrace organizational insights for better productivity and profitability.

Inzyon is by any measure a young company, commencing its operations in 2019, but the experience, deliverables and content is equivalent to that of any well-established consultancy today.

The insights on which Inzyon is based has been accumulated and developed over the last 25 years. During uncountable projects, in different constellations, with or without software delivery components, it has become apparent that organizations of almost any kinds and sizes share a major and costly challenge; that of enabling its employees to reap the business values out of available knowledge among colleagues and the efficient use of available information. In other words, to enable faster and more qualitative insights for all kinds of decisions and developments. 

The service models developed for the Inzyon offering will at first glance look confusingly similar to other offerings on the market, but the differences are in the details and, in particular, in the focus on the customers business context rather than more traditional data/architecture-based approaches.

Inzyon is a solutions and services company dedicated to supporting customers in developing and improving capabilities to identify, embrace and make use of insights, throughout their operations. Services include modelling of Information Management business value, information environment assessments and Insight Solutions deployment. Inzyon’s aim is to enable faster and more qualitative insights for all kinds of decisions and developments.

The company’s key deliveries are implemented Insights Environments and working models based on modern theories for information asset valuations in combination with a selection of off-the-shelf SW application.



CEO comments

Gabriel Anderbjork founded Inzyon based on a convincement that there are immense economic values still not uncovered in most organizations’ information assets.

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Our partners

Inzyon partner with a select group of companies in order to secure distribution, capacity as well as capability for the most efficient and qualitative deliveries possible.

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An outspoken corporate aim to make the world a better place for all is often smiled at as big words with little impact unless you have resources like Bill and Melinda Gates foundation behind you. Still, not even they can do everything, but everyone can do something!

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Corporate Governance

Although not a publicly listed company, in order to uphold expected standards vs customers, suppliers, partners, employees and applicable authorities Inzyon operates an internal program for corporate governance.

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