Inzyon work with a selected and proven set of software packages in order to design and provide you with your insight solutions IT environment. Depending on your specific needs, different packages and combination may be used but we always take Intelligence2day® as the starting point due to its core functionality that supports the insights management to its full extent. Should it be that you have e.g. MS SharePoint as your default user interface it can still be catered for by the use of web parts and other integration solutions. All software packages used are fully cloud based and off the shelf standard.

Intelligence2day® is the preeminent insight engine for advanced processing, analytics and visualization of unstructured information. Its been developed for more than 20 years and is used by tens of thousands of users in demanding multinational organizations worldwide.

Tableau® is the de facto standard application for structured data analytics and visualization. In combination with Intelligece2day® it adds a profound dimension of insights to those data sets that are a consequence of structured processing.

Office 365® does not need an introduction but combining this corporate productivity environment with Intelligence2day® opens up for unprecedented efficiency gains.