Law firm efficiency

In any legal practice area, exactness, correctness and reusability are all factors that have significant impact on case gross margins. Based on your practice areas, geographical and/or industry focus, Inzyon’s Law Firm efficiency solutions support and enhance your teams’ productivity.

Any law firm possesses, and uses, a tremendous amount of valuable information in the form of previously performed client work, results from litigations and client experiences. To make such business treasures available to all lawyers in the firm in order for them to be able to use advanced automation and analytics tools to rapidly condense exactly what is required in a particular case will not only save time spent but also increase the throughflow of cases and improve end result quality.

In a law firm, the value of proactive insights will mean a direct impact on increased top line revenue but with a maintained or even reduced cost base.

A real-life example of an insight driven, and business increasing, lawyer/client interaction was a lawyer who put phone call to a client in advance of the client itself having realized that a problem might be developing and, at the same time, suggesting an imminent solution. It was referred to as a welcomed call.

For the law firm, the insight engine will be your common point of entry to, and analysis of, your company’s collection of case and market experience. The likeliness of achieving almost immediate benefits post implementation is high.