Fund services and asset management

Asset management is a tremendously information intensive operation with high focus on immediate, and real time, information. Inzyon’s Asset Management solutions complement your trading terminal screens with longer term visualizations and analytics for improved asset value predictability.

Asset management is a hugely information intense operation. The number of sources and experts available that have different bearings on an investment decision is simply vast and that asset managers sometimes feel overwhelmed by information volumes is only to be expected. To constantly seek to avoid missing out on particular, and important, needles in the haystack is stressful for anyone but with today’s decision speed on the financial markets, asset managers are more than others exposed to such situations.

The challenge with many current asset management data environments is the sheer amount of necessary information in combination with the fact that it tends to be separated by source types or categories. The efficiency of the asset manager’s work would increase if all information instead was filtered and synthesized into his/her different investment areas and presented in a format to support rapid overview and analysis. With automation algorithms and machine learning supporting classification and analysis of information, a well-equipped insight engine adds a context-based structure to the conclusive asset manager’s investment environment. Examples of features that can be components of such an environment are AI-based trending themes, weak signals monitoring and structured heat-map analysis on all content connect to your insight engine. Consider an Insight engine and let Augmented Intelligence support investment decisions.