Solution and system setup

Based on the outcome of the Information Modelling, an online solution environment is configured and launched in the customer organization. Use cases can be segmented by operation areas, functionality, mandate, or other dimensions, applicable to the targeted organizational gain.  

Depending on the outcome from the information modelling, different approaches may be required but the system set-up always includes configuration tasks such as:

  • Information structure implementation
  • Dashboard design
  • Sources connections set-up and automation
  • User account set up

The results from the modelling phase will be implemented and the customer provided with log-in credentials to its new insights environment. For the customer project team, this phase tends to be an iterative process in which frequent feedback loops are undertaken as the systems configuration is gradually completed.

Also, as part of this phase, a communication plan is developed for the purpose of informing the forthcoming users in the organization about the new tools and techniques available. No insight environment will bring a value to the operations unless people are aware of, and familiar with, its existence and guidelines.