Information modelling

What information, and what information categories, impact critical and/or necessary decisions? This is the fundamental question to be answered in Inzyon’s information modelling service. The outcome is also an indispensable insight for any organization that intend to improve its general insights capability.

The first step in any implementation of insights management and solutions must be a reviewed information model. The structures that underlies, and drives, the retrieving, storing, sharing, dissemination and availability of information in the organizations processes or line operations is at the very heart of any forthcoming insights enabling solution. It is however important to recognize that it is not the traditional database models that are contemplated here. To configure an insight engine environment the model must be fully context driven, taking the organization’s business environment, or operations scope, into account in order to efficiently support insights creation and decision making.

The scope and size of the modelling is depending on the size of the customer’s organization as well as on the operations area that is being targeted. In either case, the information modelling consists of interviews/workshops and is concluded with a written specification for the next step in the project. In the most rapid projects this phase can be limited to two days only and in larger projects the time frame can be weeks.

A crucial aspect and outcome of the information modelling is also an articulation of HOW your particular Enterprise Insight Solution will bring the business value sought for to the operation addressed.