Configuration Maintenance

Information, or insights management, environments need constantly to be nurtured in a variety of ways. For all solutions delivered by Inzyon, an ongoing service labeled configurations maintenance is thus provided from start.

Configuration maintenance include service components such as:

  • Classification structure reviews and updates
  • Dashboard reviews and updates
  • Sources reviews and updates
  • User reviews and updates

Also, for insights environments built on for purpose-built solutions, Inzyon undertakes regular updates of standard categorization structures, dashboard designs and content feeds in order to make all customers benefit from the ever-ongoing experience buildup in each field.

Furthermore, this maintenance service includes regular (quarterly as standard) advisory sessions and joint evaluations of each customer configured environment, certain amounts of training and, maybe most importantly, support with certain levels of inhouse strategic customizations of the tool. Such session can be undertaken on customer premise or via in-line meetings.

In addition, Inzyon can be engaged to support management with other ongoing insights management advisory services as agreed from time to time.

Information modelling

What information, and what information categories, impact critical and/or necessary decisions? This is the fundamental question to be answered in Inzyon’s information modelling service. The outcome is also an indispensable insight for any organization that intend to improve its general insights capability.



Solutions and system set-up

Based on the outcome of the Information Modelling, an online solution environment is configured and launched in the customer organization. Use cases can be segmented by operation areas, functionality, mandate, or other dimensions, applicable to the targeted organizational gain.  

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Depending on the scope and complexity of the solution delivered, Inzyon provides customized training programs on all system usage levels as well as developed work-flow deployments. Training can be provided as e-leaning modules, on site train-the-trainer workshops or anything in between.

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