Dashboard: ESG Research

The ESG research dashboard is the typical starting point for the ESG researcher. The key question to quickly get an answer to is “What’s new?”

The dashboard contains a mixture of time graphics and news channels that support the ESG researcher to pick up early warnings and signals in the investment universe ESG domain.

Key features are:

  • AI based Trend Cluster
  • Signal spotter word cloud
  • Frequency and time graph to visualize general patterns
  • ESG filtered news channels

With the help of smart filtering the entire dashboard can also quickly be reset to cover only a selected industry segment, particular group of companies, your portfolios or other groupings of your choice for further analysis.  

The graphs are “clickable” meaning that any peak or dip in a particular factor curve can rapidly be explained as the content underlying such data point will then be displayed. Again, dashboard sections can be set to be filtered by e.g. your industry segments, your portfolios or other groupings of your choice. In this dashboard it means you can get a very detailed picture on specific ESG matters development in different cross sections of your investment activities.