Inzyon Trackers

Inzyon Trackers gather, structure, classify, and visualize content from a large range of publicly available sources, including authorities and NGO’s. The Trackers are rapid insights, alerting and analysis environments for individual use. Their purpose is to enable fast content consumption and sharing.

Finding and digesting timely and relevant information, required for any operation these days, is a very daunting and time-consuming task. Even so, with the ever-increasing uncertainty in the world, organizations simply need to address that challenge in one way or the other.

Inzyon Trackers are Augmented Intelligence tools, applying context-based classification algorithms, as well as Machine Learning, to enrich and visualize the otherwise incomprehensible oceans of information that is produced daily in every thinkable dimension of business, or government work, today.

Key features of the Trackers are:

  • Instant and automatic classification of all new information
  • Auto translation to user language
  • Smart dashboard and graphics filtering
  • Personal e-mail alerts settings
  • Time series visualizations of key topics

Inzyon Trackers are subscription based only. No set-up fees, no customized configurations, just brilliant insights environments ready to support your decisions, staring tomorrow.

Inzyon Trackers are available in a range of business and regulatory dimensions. Contact us and let us know in which business context you would like to use a Tracker and we will be more than happy to do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Examples of Tracker dashboard designs