Inzyon Monitors

Inzyon Monitors is a range of full-scale, pre-configured, Insights Environments. They are customer configurable and at the same time semi-multitenant in their respective subject matter focus. The result is a best of both worlds applications in which customers do not need to maintain any subject matter configurations as those are equivalent within each monitor “family” but can at any time adjust their own customer specific user and configuration settings. Contrary to the Inzyon bespoke environments, the Monitors are ready to use immediately upon subscription without any immediate configuration services necessary.

Inzyon Monitors are Augmented Intelligence tools, applying context-based classification algorithms, as well as Machine Learning, to enrich and visualize the otherwise incomprehensible oceans of information that is produced daily in every thinkable dimension of business, or government work, today.

Each specific Monitor is based on a standard package of Tracker dashboards to which is added dashboards with significant functionality for organization internally created content (including fetch API’s and other integration options), collaboration, domain expertise sharing, reporting and analytics.

The best way to get acquainted with the Monitor environments is to visit any of the specific monitor presentation sites below.

The monitiors are the flagship applications of Inzyon and we look forward to present them to you. Book a demo here.

Current Monitors are focusd on one on the most important and urgent matters for sociaty at large, i.e. that of sustanability and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Inzyon Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Monitor

Inzyon’s CSR monitor is built to support all listed, and privately held, companies that are funded by the financial markets and, as such, subject to rapidly growing requirements on both sustainability compliance and reporting.

Inzyon ESG Monitor

Inzyon ESG monitor is a for purpose configured, automated, SaaS-applica­tion for monitoring, analyzing and acting upon ESG related matters in an asset management organization’s investment universe.